Instructor Guideline

Guide to the opening and running of a WingChun group of the IAW

If you would like to lead a WingChun group or later a WingChun academy, you should pay attention to a few points and, above all, keep an eye on your own continuing education as a student of WingChun.

general requirements

To open a WingChun group the 6th student level is required. The vocational training as Assistant Instructor should be completed. This status can be reached in about 15-18 months, after registration with the IAW.


The desired location will be discussed directly with the head of IAW at a personal meeting. Then you start looking for a suitable space. Once the space is rented, you announce the official start date and begin to recruit your first students. To be consistent with the organisation, an IAW web address, Website and an IAW E-mail address is required, this will allow you to also begin advertising.  Our Website addresses always contain the letters iaw- and the respective city ( /


The fee's for running a Group are as follows; You as the leader of a group will pay for your rented space, the website and all advertisements to promote your group. There is a monthly fee to be paid to the IAW. This is to allow you to teach the IAW system. Other costs to consider are for example the fee's for injury insurance whilst training in your hall. As mentioned previously your own personal training is not to be neglected so your usual training fee's still apply.  A monthly private lesson with your tutor is also highly recommended. Now you are an instructor there are of course the progression steps for higher education within the system namely the instructor degree's (AD, IDI and IDII), these are all charged at the standard rates. Soon you will gain a strong student base, all paying you a monthly fee. This could become your profession and your future as a WingChun instructor.

Title and tradition

Assistants and leaders of a WingChun training centre can be appointed from the Grand Master to the Sihing (male) / Sije (Female) after a probationary period. These titles (translated as teacher) should also be used officially. Students should address their instructor after the appointment with this title.

Own further education

Whether Student Level or Technician Grade, one's own further education must be well planned, especially in a role model function like that of a WingChun instructor. If you are looking for a further graduation, you should still attend the evening class as well as the regularly offered seminars. Vocational training is only admitted to those who regularly attended the lessons and the corresponding seminars. Vocational training should be understood as a supplement to regular instruction, it does not replace it. Anyone who has completed vocational training attends the classes of vocational training for further education, at least once a year. Instructors who wish to prepare for their Instructor Degree II (IDII) must complete the required education, this includes the evening classes, private lessons and seminars.


Those who only manage to take part in evening classes once a week as a leader of a training centre or who can not do so regularly can supplement these missed classes with private lessons. However, he or she has to discuss this directly with the tutor (responsible teacher) and expect more financial outlay.


Dai Sifu Klaus Brand
International Academy of WingChun