WingChun Vocational Training

Have you ever considered turning your favourite hobby into a profession?

On this page you will find everything about the vocational training for a WingChun instructor. From experience, however, I know that individual questions with a table and a few sentences are difficult to answer. However, your academy leaders are well prepared for IAW vocational training and are looking forward to answering your questions at any time. Vocational training guides you through the path of the student, to then becoming a teacher of self-defence, in our art of WingChun. Accompanying the students along this path is the wish and goal of every academy leader.

With the completion of the "Assistant Degree" and approximately one-year's experience as an instructor, he or she will be acknowledged as Sihing / Sije, which translates as teacher. All Instructors who own this title are thus official instructors of the International Academy of WingChun. You can find a list of all of my highest degree instructors on my IAW-HQ website.

Vocational training is a separate branch and has nothing to do with the WingChun grading system (levels) for a student. Therefore, you will also see many advanced students in the table of the highest students who have not chosen the path to becoming a teacher. It is not a requirement to teach to be able to achieve the highest student levels within the IAW. The graduations (Student Level, Technician Grade and Master Degree) and vocational training (Assistant Instructor, Instructor I and II) are thus two completely different and independent branches. Therefore, anyone who has an interest in teaching the art of WingChun should start studying Vocational training in good time.

If you are thinking of one day running a group, or even an academy, let your teacher and me know.

Find your flow

Sifu Klaus Brand

Grandmaster, International Academy of WingChun