Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand

Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand, born 1964 in Germany.

1969 Began training in various martial arts.
1985 Enrolled as soldier in the German Army (-1996).
1988, Started studying Asian martial arts. 
1989, Started studying weapons combat art.
1990, Acknowledged as a professional soldier of the German Army 
1990, Received specialized education as a German Army Ranger;
1987-1991, Became official instructor at the Army School in the fields: self-protection, rescue operations, radiation protection, object security, nuclear-, biological- and chemical defence.
1994, Opened first martial arts school in the district of Karlsruhe. 
1994-1998, Full-time study of Asian martial arts at a private academy.
1996, Developed Combat Training Program. Combat became the close-quarters fighting complement to WingChun.
1997, Created a new weapons combat system based on the three original styles of Escrima.
1997, Opening of several martial arts schools in the 'Bay Area of San Francisco', California.
1998, Innovated a new WingChun system by merging two traditional weapons forms into four reengineered forms; designed twenty new training sections; reformed footwork mechanics; increased the operating speed, power and hardness of arm techniques.
2003, Founded the International Academy of WingChun. Distributed WingChun in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America as grandmaster of an autonomous and revolutionary system.
2014, Created a novel, modern system of self-defense. Without traditional elements, the S.A.T (Special Applications Training Program) is easy to learn and suitable for civilians, martial artists, security staff and police officers.
2018 .... 50 years martial arts