Book a Seminar

The WingChun Grandmaster of the IAW can be booked for S.A.T or WingChun seminars.

The hosts of the seminars do not necessarily have to be members of the IAW. The hosts personally determine the price for the attendance of the seminars, for the participants. There are recommendations for the heads of the IAW training centres.

There is only a requirement to pay a pre-agreed lump sum to the Grandmaster for the execution of the seminar. The host is responsible to organise the seminar and examination fees. All fees received in excess of the agreed sum is revenue for the host.

Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand has different arrangements for the German speaking countries, for Europe, and the visit of other continents. The package always includes travel / flight costs, accommodation, as well as training and any exams.

Typical duration of a seminar: S.A.T - 3 hours and WingChun - 3.5 hours, or WingChun Seminar 2x 3,5 hours at one or two days (England £2600, North America $4000) The price includes the whole seminar weekend (independent of the number of participants), examinations and certifications, flight and lodging.


The heads of the training centres should arrange the seminar dates with GM, Sifu K. Brand on time, at least 4 months in advance.