IAW Affiliate Partner Project

IAW Affiliate Partner Project

The project is designed for those who do not have the possibility to train regularly under Dai Sifu Klaus Brand. It is for those who want to learn as much as possible from Dai Sifu's WingChun system. The programs of the Affiliate Partner are not required to be equal to those of the IAW.

If you agree with the IAW principles and with our philosophy you can sign up as a IAW Affiliated Partner. We will support you to recover the traditional way of WingChun. 

• You can be listed together with our Academies as ‘Affiliated Partner’ at othe official internet site of the IAW

• As an Affiliated Partner you are allowed to use the IAW Logo to distinguish yourself from other styles. 

• An Affiliated Partner keeps his graduation in his style (Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, or any other style).

• You can occasionally invite Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand to your location if you are interested in a seminar.

The IAW Affiliated Partner Project is a new concept, from the founder of the International Academy of WingChun, to fight with selected warriors against the destruction of  the art of Self-Defence, WingChun. 

Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand is searching for experienced instructors, fighters, real men from other styles of the scene who want to adapt their systems to that of the IAW.


If you are interested please contact Dai Sifu K. Brand. sifukb@iaw-hq.com