Run Your Own S.A.T or WingChun Training Centre

Licenses of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW)

Since July 2018 we have been offering licenses for anyone wishing to run an independent, official WingChun group. We are looking for all those who love WingChun, who are open minded, communicative and do not shy away from new challenges.

The successful student may run a WingChun group with the right attitude, motivation and a minimum of second student grade (Sifu KB WingChun).If the required graduation has not yet been reached,it can be set up in special units. The most important elements of leading a WingChun group, well above the graduation level, is the will and courage to succeed. The qualification can be built up and expanded accordingly.

The IAW offers three license packages, Basic, Pro I and Pro II

1 - Basic (England £55, North America $100)

The leaders of the training centres can teach S.A.T, WingChun and Escrima. Students can take part in relevant seminars of the IAW and request grading examinations there.

The IAW offers each of the new groups (Basic package) a financial exemption for the first 6 months (FOC for the first 6 months).

After a 6 month period the group leader can request an upgrade to their licence to Pro I.

2 - Pro I (England £95, North America $170)

With this license package, the instructor of one or more training centres can test his own student’s.

Student exam seminars can be organised and conducted by all Level I Pro license holders. The head of the organisation (grandmaster or representative) can also be invited to perform.


This is your time to act. Do not lose valuable time. If you want to lead a group, you should do that as soon as possible. This is how WingChun was established in the western countries a few decades ago and that's where we start again. You can build up a high degree, but the degree will never be responsible for your motivation, it is rather the result of your existing motivation. The motivation is either in you or it’s not in you. You will not succeed because you have a high graduation, but because you are a continuously motivated individual.

We are looking for you.

Time continues whether you lead a group or not.

As Grand Master of the IAW I will welcome you warmly, in our WingChun family. So do not worry because you started or learned somewhere else. That really does not matter. There is a solution for everything. If you want to be part of my organisation, I will welcome you.

Interested?… Let's Start!


Dai Sifu K. Brand 

World Chief Instructor, International Academy of WingChun